energy and verve

Refreshment of the Month

The change of seasons presents an opportunity to reset your enthusiasm and vitality.

This journey into wellness focuses on activation of reflex points in the face, feet, and hands to refresh energy flow to the organs and systems of the body, releasing blockages and stimulating your innate healing pathways.

Energy and Verve Package Includes:
Restoring reflexology massage of reflex points in the face, feet, and hands with the principal part of the treatment on the feet. Warm towels, aromatic lotion, and a warming blanket complete the feeling of nurture and comfort.

Relax and enjoy a soothing herbal tea at the end of the treatment.

1 hour 15 minutes $120 + GST
Add an Infrared Sauna or Steam for $20 + GST

Inner Balance Spa

A natural, alternative therapies spa focused on philosophies of holistic health to nurture and restore your inner balance.