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Indulge in our Refreshment of the Month

Hot stones, ancient salts, and warm aromatic oils rebalance and soothe mind, body, and spirit. Energy flow is renewed through key points in the head, hands, and feet.

This urban escape will renew energy flow and align chakras, restoring harmony and balance in the body.

Treatment includes:

  • Foot exfoliation and soothing foot massage;
  • Head, neck, and scalp massage with warmed aromatic oils, hot towels and hot stones;
  • Full body massage with Buddah blend of aromatherapy oil.

Includes a soothing tea gift to extend your spa experience.

$160 + GST – 1 hour 45 minutes
Reconnect, refresh and rejuvenate with our couples wellness package that includes the following:

  • Full Body Aromatherapy Massage
  • Detoxifying Aromatherapy wrap with head, neck and scalp massage
  • Revitalizing Eminence Organic Facial

1 hour + 30 minutes: $300 + GST

  • Sauna
  • Full Body Massage
    A therapeutic massage with our cold and flu warrior blend of essential oils. Eucalyptus, Tea tree, bay laurel, lemon, peppermint and Thyme.
  • Reflexology

2 hours $160 + GST
60 minutes
Buy 3 : $270.75 + GST / $90.25 per massage

Buy 5: $439.37 + GST / $87.87 per massage

Buy 10: $855.00 + GST / $85.50 per massage

90 minutes
Buy 3 : $370.50 + GST / $123.50 per massage

Buy 5: $610.25 + GST / $122.05 per massage

Buy 10: $1170.00 + GST / $117.00 per massage
Body Scrub
Our body scrubs cover your entire body sloughing away dry and aging cells leaving your skin healthy and glowing. All body scrubs include an aromatic steam and 2 scrub mitts to take home.

Therapeutic Circulatory Massage
Massage increases circulation and lymphatic flow to promote toxin release and elimination.

Reflexology points are stimulated with an emphasis on the liver, kidney, and colon to facilitate the body’s natural processes of elimination and detoxification.

2 hours $190 + GST
Body Scrub + Body Polish + Steam + Full Body Aromatic Massage.

90 min $150 + GST
Organic Facial
The botanical goodness of Eminence Organic Skin Care is perfect for people looking for a gentler approach to their beauty routine. Treat your senses and your skin to an exotic skin care line that brings together high quality organic ingredients with an old world knowledge of herbs and fruits.

A full body therapeutic massage to relax and heal tired, aching muscles.

1.5 hours $150 + GST
Removes toxins and increases white blood cell count to fight disease.

Raindrop Therapy
Massage therapy and raindrop therapy are combined to increase immunity, balance energy, and soothe aching muscles. Nine high quality essential oils drop like rain as each new oil is smoothed into the skin. A truly relaxing experience.

2 hours $160 + GST
Improves health of skin, increases white blood cell count, removes toxins.

5 half hour sessions: $100 + GST (Save $25)